Literature proposals of the Guest & House owners

With the new publishing season and the autumn literary awards, we’ve proposed our owners to speak about their reading proposals…

La suggestion des 3chambres


In les3chambres, Laurent welcomes worlwide guests ! He recommends them a lot of art publications, very appreciated, and at the moment particularly the beautiful photos book “Vis à Vis” written by the american photographer Gail Albert Halaban. She photographed the Parisians life from windows, balconies and roofs across the roads… Laurent explained us it’s a very nice approach of Paris and his guests love this book especially as the apartment block of les3chambres looks like the ones they can discover in the book. By the way, his guests often go away with this book as a souvenir of the authentic Paris !

Manoir de la Manantie proposals

In the “Manoir de la Manantie” guesthouse, Veronique proposes to her guests a beautiful vault lounge, with an english atmosphere, within they enjoy the large fireplace and discover some of her books around a cup of tea or coffee.

The first one, “Dans les pas de Gaspard des Montagnes“, is so appreciated by her guests. The book extends the reading and takes the reader to the “Livradois-Forez” (Henri Pourrat) and his Gaspard discovering. The testimony of a time, that just subsisted with the strong of the words, that now comes alive…

The second is a collection published by the Puy de Dôme patrimonial notebooks and that highlights the Norman architecture according to Occident and Byzantium. Veronique told us it’s a very interesting reading, subject to itinerary preparation of visits for her guests.

Cabane Spa Pella Roca proposals


For some weeks, Isabel and Maxime propose to their guests the book, recently published by the father of Maxime, Olivier Cojan, “Le Pays où vont mourir les rêves“.

The story ? At the early 20th century, Etienne Franquin, provincial industrial, raises his company to a very high level in France, so he reaches to sit down at the table of the upper classes…