Guest & House : the concept

Guest & House, sélection exclusive de chambres d'hôtes

Are you a traveller seeking nice properties and "human" ?

Bored to spend hours and hours on the Internet to find the rare gem and navigate on website that gather thousands offers without really know in which type or accommodation you'll arrive... We've selected for you an exclusive selection of guesthouses...

  • 1 truth : a strict charter that gives quality to billing
  • 40 guesthouses in France and abroad

                    - Houses proposing a high level of comfort and home decoration

                    - Exceptional owners reputed for their welcome quality

  • 1 promise : let you live an unforgettable experience of stay

Whether you travel in France or abroad, one of our guesthouse will welcome you to let you live a positive experience of stay...

When you choose to stay in a Guest & House dwelling, you make the choice of spend a unique stay in an idyllic place but also of live an incredible experience to the discovering of a land and an art of living...

In the town or in the country, in a manor house or a contemporary design, rooted on the ground or floating in the treetops, Guest & House will assure you calm and relaxing environment and well-being...

Domaine de Fos, maison d'hôtes Guest & House

Guest & House : The concept

Where the exceptional meets the unique you are probably in a Guest & House home. Individuality characterises each guest house, to each it’s own style, and it’s own personality and in each one you will  experience exceptional moments from the beginning to the end of your stay.

From Morocco to Belgium, the northern coasts to the south of Italy via Switzerland and the most beautiful regions of France, we have unearthed for you 39 exceptional guest house.

Guest & House was born from the wish to weave a web of excellence between independant guest houses, sharing the same values, such as a warm personal welcome,  style and comfort. The Owners meet annually and know each other, exchange regularly  and support each other.